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Write a reports Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Write a reports - Essay Example The characters in this play really seemed to have a good time playing their part. The audience reaction was generally a laugh-out-loud or â€Å"Did they really just say or do that?† kind of response. The atmosphere was just as fun as the performance because it was mostly filled with women and a lot of them were laughing so hard that they had tears coming out of their eyes which made it that much more funny. There were some good laughs but I kind of thought that there were parts of it that were more vulgar than funny. I was surprised, however, at how many people left. I guess it is hard for some people to watch that kind of live performance. I just really like comedy and thought that this would be a good live performance to go see just for a laugh. It was an entertaining piece. Sometimes, though, I felt bad for the actors because some of their lines were so raunchy. I think that some of the performance had material in it that made people very uncomfortable. At $35 per ticket, it was kind of expensive to sit through and watch. However, many of the audience members, myself included, found that the characters engaged with us. That is what made it livelier. Parodies are generally intended to poke fun at something. They are also kind of dumb but are sometimes a bit laughable. The Spank! performance was nothing short of what to expect of a parody. I just thought it was really interesting how they took a story line like that and somehow turned it into a musical. Of the people who were around me had read the book, I could tell that there were some parts that I did not get because I had not read it and did not understand the references that the live performance had made. I did realize that it had become one of the world’s top theatrical parodies because so many people had gone and enjoyed it. I guess what made it most entertaining for me is that I do not typically visit the theater

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Quality Performance Measure in Health Sciences and Medicine Case Study

Quality Performance Measure in Health Sciences and Medicine - Case Study Example Overall service has declined by 19.78%, overall clinical 15.90%, the overall quality of service, food positively improved by 1.98% while overall cleanliness declined by 2.63 %. It is suggested that a fine balance between the quality performance measure and patient satisfaction should be created rather than focusing on one aspect alone like quality performance as is the case now. 2. It seems the CEO has not properly carried out her responsibility for educating the board. The board should have been in a position to satisfy the needs of the patients while at the same time upholding high standard performance measures if they have adequate knowledge about the new changes being implemented within the clinical set-up. With proper knowledge, at least positive results should be noticed in all sectors of the healthcare system after the implementation of the new changes. 3. It is recommended that human resources development through learning should be implemented in various departments of the healthcare institution. According to Robbins (1993), learning promotes the development of knowledge that in turn can improve the performance of the employees. Through learning, the employees can also share their ideas with others members and this can help them to improve their performance. This strategy will also help the employees to pull their efforts towards the same direction for the betterment of the organization as a whole. 4. The quality data that should be reported and utilized by this board of directors is related to employee satisfaction as well as patient satisfaction. These are the two major indicators that show that the organization operating within the right direction to fulfill its mandate. Essentially, an organization that is committed to its success should ensure that its interests, as well as those of the employees, are satisfied (Jackson and Schuler, 2010).  Ã‚  

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Using Online Forum In Language Learning Education Essay

Using Online Forum In Language Learning Education Essay Online forums are also known as discussion boards or message boards. They enable users of a website to interact with each other by exchanging tips and discussing topics related to a certain theme. Learning through online forum is an important learning strategy for students to improve their language skills .This article looks at the benefits of online forum in language learning particularly in improving students writing and communication skills. Keywords: online forum, language learning, writing skills, communication skills INTRODUCTION Technology has the potential to enhance the learning of students if used appropriately. It can encourage more independent and active learning (McKimm, Jollie, Cantillon, 2003). A key reason for the use of technology within a learning situation is to enhance the quality of learning and teaching (Groves ODonoghue 2009). With the rapid development of computer-mediated communication , online forums have become more involved in classroom settings to promote student critical thinking, knowledge construction and language learning autonomy (Lim Chai 2004; Marra, Moore Klimczak 2004). Computer-based online discussions or online forums have been used in a wide range of higher education setting to provide major learning environments for distance education or to supplement face-to-face discussion (Jacobsen 2006). Discussion board or online forum is one of the primary tools of electronic learning according to Harman Koohang (2005). The use of computer based online discussion through online forum is evident in the curriculum of many courses throughout the physical world in universities such as in Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America (Scott Ryan 2009). Although online discussions are employed by most universities in Malaysia (Sam and Lee 2008), schools may not be aware of this new technology. In the Malaysian context, students in primary and secondary schools do not acquire enough practice and exposure in English language since it is taught for a limited period of time in the classroom. There is a need for teachers to encourage students to use new technologies such as online forum to gain more exposure in the language. As purported by So (2009), asynchronous online discussion forums, are some of the simplest computer-mediated communication tools that teachers can easily integrate into their teaching to extend discussions beyond classroom contexts. This article is organized by addressing the following questions: What are the benefits of online forum? What are the characteristics of a good online forum? Does online forum improve students writing skills? Does online forum improve students communication skills? DEFINITION OF ONLINE FORUM According to Sheri Cyprus (2010), an online forum is also known as a message board, online discussion group, bulletin board or web forum. It differs from a blog. An online forum is a discussion area on a website whereby members can post discussions, read and respond to posts by other forum members. A forum can revolve around any subject in an online community. Like other internet-based learning environments, online forums provide a way for maintaining communication for learners who are not able to meet face-to-face or who prefer logging-on at different times (Sanchez- Sweatman 2001). Online forum is a kind of computer mediated communication which allows individual to communicate with others by posting written messages to exchange ideas. It uses asynchronous type of communication (Santosa et. al 2005) Nelson (2010) postulated that an online forum can be defined as an accessible group communication space. Proper utilization of online forums can enhance the effectiveness of communication. THE BENEFITS OF ONLINE FORUM Online forums provide many benefits to students and teachers. In a research conducted by Teine (2000), students have been found to be in favor of the self-paced, self-regulated feature of asynchronous discussions compared to face-to-face discussions. On the other hand, Callan (2006), states that online forums create a discussion environment. Everything that gets posted gets read over and over again. Online forums rarely turn into heated arguments as people are given time to research and consider their comments before replying. This in turn, makes high-quality discussion. Smith (2001) points out that well structured and appropriately facilitated online discussion can provide a learning environment that allows the immediate application of new information to learners personal and professional lives. Besides, online forums are more flexible compared to face to face communication as they provide time to reflect and think and allow both introverted and extroverted students to be involved in online discussions. Chinedu (2008) expresses that by participating in online forums, access to knowledge is free. Forum members are ever willing to share their knowledge and experience with others, and every member of the forum can benefit from this infusion of free knowledge. Here are some potential benefits of regular online forum participation according to Pavlina (2005): Intellectual exchange Learning new ideas and refining old ones Enjoying community membership Influencing the forums evolution Contributing to others Making new friends and contacts New business leads Keeping up with current events Learning about new opportunities Evidence also shows that the messages composed by students in online forums include longer solutions for problem-solving, and consist of deeper reflections compared to face-to-face discussions (Hara et al. 2000). Researchers have found that students can take more time to read, craft, reflect on their responses, and find relevant information when composing messages in such an environment (ONeill et al. 2006; Wang and Woo 2007). Peterson and Caverly (2005) established in their research that online discussions build a motivating social practice of current generation students, who use technology to contact friends and family throughout the day. In online forums, students develop their autonomy in language learning. Each participant is given more authority to shape or lead the discussion in the direction they prefer, while teachers may have relatively less control over the learning interactions (Choi et al. 2005). THE CHARACTERISTICS OF A GOOD ONLINE FORUM There are numerous characteristics of a good online forum. Martyn (2005) discerned seven elements of a good online forum. They are: Require students to participate Grade student efforts Involve learning teams Structure discussion Require a hand in assignment Pose questions and scenarios that require learners to use their own experience Relate the discussion to course objectives Qing Li (2004) in her research recognized nine characteristics of a good online forum. They are: Establish a friendly, open environment Use authentic tasks and topics Emphasize learner-centered instruction Encourage students to give constructive feedback and suggestions Let students experience, reflect and share the benefit of using threaded discussion Be sure that instructors facilitate collaboration and knowledge building Encourage dialogue and referencing of other student postings Use humor for motivation Use emoticons to help convey ideas and feelings In addition, according to Peterson and Caverly (2005), good online forums provide a social presence, in which students and instructor are able to present themselves as real people and communicate with their personality. ONLINE FORUM IMPROVES WRITING SKILLS A well-structured online discussion forum can provide students with extensive practice in writing. The online forum allows opportunity for the facilitation of curricular objectives via modern technology. Online discussion forums provide an authenticity in writing and therefore serve as a meaningful supplement to the writing curriculum (Pauley 2001). Aileen Ng (2008) in her study discovered that the implementation of the online forum appears to provide reinforcement tasks to enable students to practice their writing. Besides that, the online forum also facilitates collaborative learning. Students could share their ideas and opinions in order to produce better quality writing as compared to if the tasks were to be completed independently. Schuetze (2010) conducted a research in the University of Victoria Canada and the University of Kiel in Germany. The study showed that most students of both universities felt comfortable writing online and they wrote more than ever before. They used the forum more actively than in a face-to-face classroom or chat. In turn, some students also mentioned that they liked to read what other students posted in online forums. In a study among twenty-five Chinese and Kiwi learners, Gerbric (2005) encountered that online forums provide opportunities specifically for particular groups of students. Chinese students found the virtual and text-based nature of the medium allowed them to enter discussions more easily and they felt more comfortable with their written responses compared to face-to-face discussions. ONLINE FORUM IMPROVES COMMUNICATION SKILLS A number of studies have found that online forums are beneficial in developing communication skills (Abrams 2003; Blake 2009). The greatest potential for effective use of online communication as a learning tool is when the students are at a distance from the school and their teachers (Crowell McCarragher 2007). Holmes (2004) identified a period of increased communication between online participants of his study after 10 days of interaction on online forum and asserted that input from teachers or instructors during this period led to maximized learning opportunities. Scott and Ryan (2009) in their study discovered that online members become more engaged in discussions and interacted effectively when they were set appropriate tasks. Complex tasks requiring research and discussion seemed appropriate tasks for small groups to work on collaboratively. When students are given problems related to their prior experience, the discussions show higher levels of interaction, and the participants show more passion for the topic (Puntambekar 2006). Peterson and Caverly (2006) in their study discovered that through online forums, teachers are able to document the growth of their students ability to support a point in their messages. Students improved their ability to respond to a classmate and to make a point supported with evidence. Online forum is a good way of communicating, especially when the teacher or lecturer is unavailable. It is also a good way to communicate with everyone as it creates a good communication between students and school (Greig Skehill 2008). In concurrence with the statement, Yu (2002) affirmed that students were more comfortable and less aggressive when participating in online forums. Online forums also offered more equal opportunities for group members to voice their opinions. Research conducted by Yang (2007) shows that students demonstrated very high levels of interaction among group members. Online forum is regarded as a social interaction that reduces students reliance on the face-to-face discussions. In a study carried out by Schellens and Valcke (2005, 2006), asynchronous discussion forums attained a higher proportion of higher phases of knowledge creation compared to face to face discussions. This occurred due to the vast majority of communication in the asynchronous environment was task oriented. CONCLUSION The online forum is an ideal place to put a learning community and its learning objects on the same page (Harman and Koohang 2005). In order to offer a successful discussion forum, teachers need to be fully skilled in practical use of the sites and committed to engaging with them, believing in their relevance and benefit for students and willing to spend dedicated time every week on the discussion forum with students. As Salmon (2004) advises, teachers need to take time to induct students to the online discussion tools and focus on familiarization and socialization into the online forum from the outset. Anderson et al. (2001) stated that active involvement of a teacher is critical in maintaining the interest and motivation of students in online discussions. Russo and Benson (2005) reported that student perceptions of teachers presence were significantly correlated with student learning satisfaction. In sum, online forum may provide a way for teachers to improve the quality of their students language learning skills. Thus, language teachers in Malaysia should consider integrating online forums into their language teaching to develop students writing and communication skills.

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Meaning of life †Human Essay

I believe the meaning of life is to give life a meaning. Throughout my entire life, I have wondered what the purpose is. Why am I and every other human being even on this planet in the first place? That brings me to my next question. Is there a God? If there is, why did he put us here? Any Christian asked will say our sole purpose is to serve God. First of all, what does that even mean? And second, I must ask why? Why would a supernatural being place us strategically on this planet strictly to serve him? That sounds pretty selfish to me. There has to be something more. Something concrete. Something greater. How could there not be? All my life I have worked hard to succeed. I have challenged myself and fought to do better than my best. Why? I asked myself. Why stress so much when I’m only going to die in the end? Pessimistic, I know. Finally, I thought, maybe the meaning of life doesn’t have to be so complex. Maybe the meaning of life is whatever we want it to be. Maybe the meaning of life is to give life a meaning. I do what I do because I want to do it. It’s that simple. I do it because it means something to me. Everyone adds their own meaning to life. The meaning of life is never universal. The meaning of life is never complex. The meaning of life is actually quite simple to think about. Many people help the needy. Others play sports. Both activities add meaning to those lives involved. Purposes change, but the overall meaning of life will always stay the same. The meaning of life is simply to give life a meaning. This I believe.

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History of the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles

The Soviets, in retaliation for the U.S. boycott of the 1980 Olympic Games in Moscow, boycotted the 1984 Olympics. Along with the Soviet Union, 13 other countries boycotted these Games. Despite the boycott, there was a lighthearted and happy feeling at the 1984 Olympic Games (XXIII Olympiad), which were held between July 28 and August 12, 1984. Official Who Opened the Games:  President Ronald ReaganPerson Who Lit the Olympic Flame:  Rafer JohnsonNumber of Athletes:  Ã‚  6,829 (1,566 women, 5,263 men)Number of Countries:  140Number of Events:  221 China Is Back The 1984 Olympic Games saw China participate, which was the first time since 1952. Using Old Facilities Rather than build everything from scratch, Los Angeles used many of its existing buildings to hold the 1984 Olympics. Initially criticized for this decision, it ultimately became a model for future Games. First Corporate Sponsors After the serious economic problems caused by the 1976 Olympics in Montreal, the 1984 Olympic Games saw, for the first time ever, corporate sponsors for the Games. In this first year, the Games had 43 companies that were licensed to sell official Olympic products. Allowing corporate sponsors caused the 1984 Olympic Games to be the first Games to turn a profit ($225 million) since 1932. Arriving by Jetpack During the Opening Ceremonies, a man named Bill Suitor wore a yellow jumpsuit, white helmet, and a Bell Aerosystems jetpack and flew through the air, landing safely on the field. It was an Opening Ceremony to remember. Mary Lou Retton The U.S. became enthralled with the short (4 9), exuberant  Mary Lou Retton  in her attempt to win gold in gymnastics, a sport that had long been dominated by the Soviet Union. When Retton received perfect scores in her final two events, she became the first American woman to win an individual gold medal in gymnastics. John Williams Olympic Fanfare and Theme John Williams, the famous composer for  Star Wars  and  Jaws, also wrote a theme song for the Olympics. Williams conducted his now-famous Olympic Fanfare and Theme himself the first time it was played at the 1984 Olympic Opening Ceremonies. Carl Lewis Ties Jesse Owens At the 1936 Olympics, U.S. track star Jesse Owens won four gold medals; the 100-meter dash, the 200-meter, the long jump, and the 400-meter relay. Nearly five decades later, U.S. athlete Carl Lewis also won four gold medals, in the very same events as Jesse Owens. An Unforgettable Finish The 1984 Olympics saw the first time that women were allowed to run in a marathon. During the race, Gabriela Anderson-Schiess from Switzerland missed the last water stop and in the heat of Los Angeles began to suffer from dehydration and heat exhaustion. Determined to finish the race, Anderson staggered the last 400 meters to the finish line, looking like she wasnt going to make it. With a serious determination, she made it, finishing 37th out of 44 runners.

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Essay about Organ Transplantation - 978 Words

Organ transplantation is, without a hesitation, one of the most major achievements in modern medicine. In many cases, it is the only effective therapy for end-stage organ failure and is broadly practiced around the world. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), around 21,000 liver transplants, 66,000 kidney transplants, and 6000 heart transplantation were performed globally in 2005.1 In addition, data showed that living kidney, liver, and lung donations declined, going from 7,004 in 2004 to 6,219 in 2008 making it a challenge for patients who are in need of organ transplant1. According to the WHO; an estimated 46,000 people in Egypt are in need of transplants, most of them liver and kidney transplants. Egypt’s population of†¦show more content†¦Many physicians, Islamic scholars, and politicians have sustained that Islam has nothing to do with resistance to organ transplantation in Egypt. They even cite as their evidence the fact that other Islamic countries have passed a law allowing national organ transplantation from brain-dead and living donors. However, the resistance in Egypt must then be due to reasons other than Islam, namely the uncontrolled black market in body parts and reports of organ theft that has tainted the public perception of organ transplantation. In addition, the reliance on living donors has created shortage of organs due to small number of donors. Donors are often tackled with a major operation, and they pose a substantial health risk without any potential benefit. A wide range of complications in donors after living-donor transplant has been reported in the medical literature. The incidence of complications ranges from 0% to 67%, with an overall crude complication prevalence of 31%.3 Although, the demand for living-donor transplant is higher in Egypt than in the United States and Europe, the ethical principles leading the act of living donation should be the same everywhere.4 Placing a healthy individual at risk of death for a procedure that does not directly benefit the donor needs to be balanced by the autonomy of the donor. On the other hand, a large proportion of those whoShow MoreRelatedThe Organ Of Organ Transplantation1426 Words   |  6 Pagesmost significant issues concerning organ transplantation revolves around the just and fair distribution of organs. Due to the assorted and occasionally conflicting opinions of what constitutes as ‘fair’, in concurrence with a relative shortage of donated organs, many social, legal and ethical contentions have arisen. This shortage is portrayed by statistics shown on the NHS organ donation page, where approximately 10,000 people are on the waiting list for a solid organ transplant and approximately 1Rea d MoreOrgan And Organ Of Organ Transplantation2652 Words   |  11 Pagescentury, organ transplantation provides a way of giving the gift of life to patients with terminal failure of vital organs. Organ transplantation requires the participation of both fellow human beings and of society by donating organs from deceased or living individuals. The ever increasing rate of organ failure and the inadequate supply of organs have created a significant gap between organ supply and organ demand. This gap has resulted in extremely lengthy waiting times to receive an organ as wellRead MoreNo Secret That The Organ Transplantation917 Words   |  4 Pageshave to be put on a donor list to get a replacement of a diagnosed organ that must be replaced to live. It is no secret that the organ transplantation list has a significant amount of people and every day a handful of them die. A average of twenty one people die everyday, according to the American Transplant Foundation. Many scientist and m edically certified personals have been trying to come up with alternative genetic modified organs to give to needed patients, instead of waiting for a donor to comeRead MoreOrgan System Of Organ Transplantation3687 Words   |  15 PagesStates, Not Just Legal Citizens, Should Automatically Be Considered Organ Donors Unless Otherwise Specified Rough Draft UFID: 9169-9185 June 6, 2015 I. Background According to the United States Department of Health and Human Services, organ transplantation is the process of surgically transferring a donated organ into a patient with end-stage organ failure (U.S Dept of health and human services website). End-stage organ failure can be attributed to a number of diseases. Diseases suchRead MoreOrgan System Of Organ Transplantation3687 Words   |  15 PagesStates, Not Just Legal Citizens, Should Automatically Be Considered Organ Donors Unless Otherwise Specified Rough Draft UFID: 9169-9185 June 6, 2015 I. Background According to the United States Department of Health and Human Services, organ transplantation is the process of surgically transferring a donated organ into a patient with end-stage organ failure (U.S Dept of health and human services website). End-stage organ failure can be attributed to a number of diseases. Diseases suchRead MoreOrgan Donation and Transplantation 982 Words   |  4 PagesOrgan and tissue donation is life-saving and life transforming medical process wherein organs and tissues were removed from a donor and transplant them to a recipient who is very ill from organ failure. It is said that one organ can save up to 10 people and may improve the lives of thousands more (Australian Red Cross Blood Service, 2011). Most of the donated organs and tissues came from people who already died but in some cases, a living person can donate organs such as kidneys, heart, liver, pancreasRead MoreOrgan Transplantation Essay1225 Words   |  5 PagesIntroduction Organ transplantation is a medical act which involves the surgical operating by transferring or removing of an organ from one person to the other, or placing the organ of a donor into the body of a recipient for the replacement of the recipients damaged or failed organ which resulted from impairment of normal physiological function affecting part or all of an organism or an act that causes someone to receive physical damage. Lately, there is an emerging innovation whereby organs are createdRead MoreThe Commercialization Of Organ Transplantation1660 Words   |  7 Pagesto save the world, [he] would spend fifty-five minutes defining the problem, and only five minutes finding the solution† (Einstein). In the case of the commercialization of organ transplantation, would the ramifications laid by Einstein change if a doctor had only one hour to save the life of a patient in dire need of an organ transplant? An individual that had spent the last three years on a waiting-list? Waiting, years, months, and days without end for a second chance at life. Similar to EinsteinRead MoreOrgan Transplantation Is The Removal Of A Healthy Organ1539 Words   |  7 PagesPiechowiak 2nd Period 8th Grade Accelerated Language Arts December 14th, 2015 Organ Transplants Organ transplantation is the removal of a healthy organ from one person and placing it into another whose organ has failed, or is injured. It is known to be life saving 80 percent of the time, but it is a major surgery that carries many me potential risks and complications- the biggest one being organ rejection. (WebMD) Organ transplants have quite some history. The first successful kidney transplant wasRead MoreOrgan Procurement And Transplantation Network2065 Words   |  9 PagesWhat if your doctor told you that your time was limited to less than six months, unless a compatible donor came along? This is what many people go through every day. They are put in the â€Å"National Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network or OPTN† which is the transplant waiting list (Tara.B). Organs that become available through the OPTN are matched with the recipients. Here is where most of the people will wait months, years, or even the remainder of their life for a compatible donor t o become

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A Brief Note On The Powered By Genesis - 2339 Words

Advertisement Privacy Powered By Genesis OK, fine, good riddance. So we’re 95 now. A friendly, intimate crowd, just the people who want to be here. Thanks for reading, folks! I was beginning to worry about your attention span, even your intellig †¦ wait a second, where are you guys going? You’re tweeting a link to this article already? You haven’t even read it yet! What if I go on to advocate something truly awful, like a constitutional amendment requiring that we all type two spaces after a period? Wait, hold on, now you guys are leaving too? You’re going off to comment? Come on! There’s nothing to say yet. I haven’t even gotten to the nut graph. Get Slate in your inbox. I better get on with it. So here’s the story: Only a small number of you are reading all the way through articles on the Web. I’ve long suspected this, because so many smart-alecks jump in to the comments to make points that get mentioned later in the piece. But now I’ve got proof. I asked Josh Schwartz, a data scientist at the traffic analysis firm Chartbeat, to look at how people scroll through Slate articles. Schwartz also did a similar analysis for other sites that use Chartbeat and have allowed the firm to include their traffic in its aggregate analyses. Schwartz’s data shows that readers can’t stay focused. The more I type, the more of you tune out. And it’s not just me. It’s not just Slate. It’s everywhere online. When people land on a story, they very rarely make it all the way down the page.Show MoreRelated The Invention of the Modern Automobile Essays4283 Words   |  18 Pageson this automobile. Engineers design the components, machinists manufacture the components, assemblers assemble the components into complete systems, truck drivers deliver the assembled product, and salesmen sell the product to the masses. This brief description does not even account for the office workers who handle logistics and maintain financial accounts, or the separate companies that mine raw materials or design and manufacture the needed machine tools. What would the economy of the UnitedRead MoreAncient Nuclear Weapons (Indus Valley)7132 Words   |  29 Pagesdisaster was recorded, they say, in the Bible, Hindu scriptures, and world mythologies. Sodom and Gomorrah felt the sting of nuclear weapons when â€Å"the L ORD rained down burning sulfur on Sodom and Gomorrah --from the LORD out of the heavens.† (Genesis 19:24-25, New International Version). An ancient Indian epic was said (erroneously, as we shall see) to describe a â€Å"single projectile charged with all the power of the universe. An incandescent column of smoke and flame as bright as ten thousand Read MoreInstructor Manual37126 Words   |  149 PagesOutlines, Tips, Case Teaching Notes and Extra Cases Chapter 1 – Operations and Supply Chain Management Internet Exercise: Harley-Davidson Motorcycles Wyatt Earp – The Buffalo Hunter! (Extra Case) Chapter 2 - Strategy and Sustainability Case: The Tao of Timbuk2 – Teaching Note Chapter 3 – Strategic Capacity Management Case: Shouldice Hospital – A Cut Above – Teaching Note Chapter 4– Production Processes Case: Designing Toshiba’s Notebook Computer Line – Teaching Note Extra Case: Manufacturing – TheRead MoreHow Fa Has the Use of English Language Enriched or Disrupted Life and Culture in Mauritius15928 Words   |  64 Pagesinformation after being dead implies that spirits are capable of reporting back to the living in one way or another, giving them a sense of agency that would not have if they were just dead in the ground. The poet continues to feel temperature, as she notes in the fourth stanza. However, the poet seems to have no other human feelings aside from that. She has neither leisure nor labor, giving her a sense of indifference about the whole experience. It is hard to believe that, after being alive for someRead MoreInternship Report on Security Stock Exchange of Bangladesh10868 Words   |  44 Pagesretrospective crisis in all over the world for the Last three months.This report is very much significant as it is one of the most requirements of M.B.A program. This report is very significant as it is an outcome of M.B.A Program. This report is brief summary of the Present Share market Crisis and I have made every effort to cover up all the key points that I have learnt during this time Under the supervision of my Honorable Advisor Mr. Lutfullah. All the works presented here are done with utmostRead MoreContemporary Issues in Management Accounting211377 Words   |  846 Pagesmanagement Robin Cooper and Regine Slagmulder 7. Capital bugeting and informational impediments: a management accounting perspective Lawrence A. Gordon, Martin P. Loeb, and Chih-Yang Tseng 8. Accounting and strategy: towards understanding the historical genesis of modern business and military strategy Keith Hoskin, Richard Macve, and John Stone 9. Modernizing government: the calculating self, hybridization, and performance measurement Liisa Kurunmaki and Peter Miller  ¨ 10. Analytics of costing system designRead MoreInnovators Dna84615 Words   |  339 Pagesinto Practice 215 Philosophies Conclusion: Act Different, Think Different, Make a Difference 235 Appendix A: Sample of Innovators Interviewed Appendix B: The Innovator’s DNA Research Methods Appendix C: Developing Discovery Skills Notes Index Acknowledgments About the Authors 241 245 249 261 269 283 295 100092 00a 001-014 INT r1 go.qxp 5/13/11 9:53 AM Page 1 Introduction I It’s the lifeblood of our global economy and a strategic priority for virtuallyRead MoreOrganisational Theory230255 Words   |  922 PagesTitle. HM786.M33 2007 302.3’5—dc22 2006022347 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 10 09 08 07 06 Typeset in 10/12.5 pt sabon by 72 Printed by Ashford Colour Press Ltd., Gosport The publisher’s policy is to use paper manufactured from sustainable forests. . Brief Contents Preface List of figures List of tables Acknowledgements xiii xvii xix xx 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Introducing organization theory: what is it, and why does it matter? Modernist organization theory: back to the future? Neo-modernistRead MoreProject Managment Case Studies214937 Words   |  860 Pagesactivities, we have no control over computer downtime or slow turnabout time. Turnabout time is directly proportional to our priority lists, and we all know that these lists are established from above. Questions Exhibit I. Goshe organizational chart. Note: Percentages indicate 1987 salary increases And last, we have to consider both company and project politics. All the MIS group wanted to do was to show that we can contribute to company profits. Top management consistently tries to give us unwantedRead MoreProject Mgmt296381 Words   |  1186 PagesCharlie Cook, University of West Alabama for revising the PowerPoint slides; Oliver F. Lehmann for providing access to PMBOK study questions; and Mink for accuracy checking the text and Instructor’s Resource Manual content. Next, it is important to note that the text includes contributions from numerous students, colleagues, friends, and managers gleaned from professional conversations. We want them to know we sincerely appreciate their counsel and suggestions. Almost every exercise, case, and example